Opportunities for cooperation

Dear friends of sport,
allow us to inform you of options of cooperation with our club and ways to help with the evolution of karate, not only, as a sport but as a higher standard of character which consists of self-discipline, goal setting, and responsibility, truthfulness, desire to win, humbleness, respect for everyone and a positive outlook on life.

Benefits of cooperation

  • far reach of sportsmen in Slovakia as well as abroad

  • helps develop talent in terms of sports

  • guides youth to responsibility

  • promotion to our club, other clubs, as well as club partner (corporate sector, non-profit sector, students, public)

Form of cooperation

  • Commercial of your company through the form of a contract

Description of individual services

  • The inclusion of your company logo and hyperlink on the website of our club

    The logo of your company and a hyperlink of your company website will be included on our club website: www.monarchkarate.sk in the “sponsors” section

  • Inclusion of logos on sporting attire

    The logo will be located on our club’s sports sets, as well as on the back of club t-shirts. Sports sets and t-shirts are distributed between club members as well as a mandatory during competitions.

  • Inclusion of logo of during main national competitions

    Sponsor logos can be placed on a logo wall which is in place for the entire duration of the competition, usually in the proximity of the winners podium and referee area. There are 10 nationwide competitions yearly including Slovak championships of individuals and groups.

  • Option to include own company banner during club competitions

    During competitions of the Monarch Karate club organization, your banners of any size will be placed on a well visible frequented area.

  • Option for placement of your your own banners during summer camp

    During the duration of our one-week summer camp of the Monarch Karate club organization, you can have your banners of any size placed in the area of the recreational facility in a visible and frequented spot.

  • Option for placement of company logo on a sponsor wall during club competition

    The sponsor wall is, during all competitions, placed on a clearly visible spot. The partners will also be included in all club competition papers from the moment of contract completion.

  • Option to include logo on sponsor wall during propagational activities

    A part of gaining new athletes and talents is the organizing of propagational activities, where karate is shown as a sport as well as our association with our sponsors. The participation in these activities differs, depending on the location of these activities 40-500 people may participate.

  • Inclusion of logo in annual karate club report

    Our karate club’s annual report is informational material that is distributed to all Monarch Karate club partners and enthusiasts. It can also be found on our club website.

For more information, we are happy to organize a personal meeting, contact us here.